Aladdin Magic Mop (New Packaging)
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This is old packaging we have stopped selling Before use Use after 3 months

Aladdin Electro Magnet Magic Mop

Use 90 days will not smelly.
Tidak akan berbau dalam penggunaan selama 90 hari.

  • Protect your health and hand.
  • Cleans and polishes the floor.
  • Easy to use and mop effortlessly.
A small amount of water is enough for cleaning.
  • 容易清洗无霉菌及臭味
    Easier to clean dust mites free
  • 只用清水
    Just with plain water
  • 拖把轻盈设计轻松抹地,不费力
    Mop lightweight design Easier to wipe
3 in1
  • 抹地
    Mop Mengemop
  • 打扫
    Sweep Menyapu
  • 擦亮
    Polish Mengilat

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